My customer says they can't reset their password?

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To properly troubleshoot the issue of a customer saying they can't reset their password, please try each of these before contacting us:

  1. Ask them how they accessed the sign in page. If your customers are going to the Enrollsy website to try and reset their password with you, they are in the wrong place. If you haven't already, we recommend putting a link on your website where customers can easily access their account with you. If necessary, direct them to your website or send them the Account Sign In or Password Reset link from the My Company > Company > Portal Links section (see figure 1).
  2. If they are in the right place and did click the "Request Password" button, but are still having issues, you need to find out if they received the password reset email. If they did not, try sending them the password reset link from the My Company > Company > Portal Links section and have them go through the process one more time and check their email again. Many times they did receive a password reset email, but they didn't click on it soon enough (password reset emails expire in 2 hours for security reasons) or they didn't see it or bother searching their inbox/junk/spam folders.
  3. If neither of the steps above work, please whitelist by following these instructions.

Remember: When a reset password email is generated to the customer account, only the most recent email's link will work to reset the password. Generating many reset password emails in a row is not advised because doing so will invalidate previously generated emails.

Figure 1

If you've tried all of these and they still can't login, please use the chat button within Enrollsy to get additional help.

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